Join Bosun's Workshop on August 31st for a fundraising brunch cruise on board the fabulous Schooner Zodiac. Tickets are $120 and can be purchased here.

Welcome to Bosun's Workshop

Bosun's Workshop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to raise awareness and educate the community in sailing and restoring vessels in the Pacific Northwest. The organization consists of a dedicated, passionate team of volunteers who enjoy sharing their excitement for sailing and restoring historic vessels. The organization was recently formed, but the experience we have is extensive - many of our crew have been working in the maritime industry for over 50 years. We have several vessel restorations under our belt, hundreds of sailors have been trained by us, and dozens of professional mariners got their start with us. We are excited to extend our knowledge and expertise with the greater community, we can only do it with your support. Donations and volunteers keep us going, and we'd love for you to join us - no prior experience required!

Our Story

Bosun’s Workshop was created with the goal of continuing & expanding on the legacy of Karl and June Mehrer’s life work. Examples of their work can be seen sailing the Northwest to this day - Schooner Zodiac, Schooner Adventuress, Schooner Martha, and Schooner Lavengro, are a few notable projects.

Karl and June valued charity and education - two of our guiding principles. Many of these impacts are considered charitable and educational -like working on older vessels and restoring maritime historical sites, along with learning the skills needed to keep it all going. We work alongside many other nonprofits in the area to broaden the public interest and provide helping hands where needed.

The inspiration for Bosun's Workshop:

June & Karl Mehrer

Starting Young: 

The Mehrer children aboard Schooner Adventuress

What IS a bosun?

bo·sun /ˈbōsn/ noun

Many people enjoy the water and find themselves on it throughout their lives, but if you are new to the thousands of years old industry of working on the water the terminology can be another language itself.

A Bosun (traditionally spelt Boatswain) is a person or position that guides the deckhands and helps ships officers. Often times they are responsible for the ongoing work of maintaining a ship. They have some tools that are related to them, that you may have heard of, like a Bosun's chair or a Bosun's whistle.